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Aspects of the use of die steel

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When processing molds, because molds have a wide range of uses and the working conditions of various molds are very different, there is a wide range of materials for manufacturing molds, and mold steel is the most widely used mold material. From general carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, spring steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless heat-resistant steel to maraging steel and powder high-speed steel that meet the needs of special molds, Powder high-alloy die steel, etc. Die steel can generally be divided into three categories: cold work die steel, hot work die steel and plastic die steel.

1. Cold work die steel

Cold work die steel is mainly used to manufacture molds for pressing workpieces in cold conditions. Such as: cold blanking dies, cold stamping dies, cold drawing dies, imprinting dies, cold extrusion dies, thread pressing dies and powder pressing dies, etc. The range of cold work die steel is very wide, from all kinds of carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed tool steel to powder high speed tool steel and powder high alloy die steel.

2. Hot work die steel

Hot work die steel is mainly used to manufacture molds for pressure processing of workpieces under high temperature conditions. Such as: hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die-casting die, hot upsetting die, etc. Commonly used hot work die steels are: alloy die steels with medium and high carbon content added CR, W, MO, V and other alloy elements; hot work die steels for special requirements are sometimes made of high alloy austenitic heat-resistant die steels .

3. Plastic mold steel

Due to the many varieties of plastics, the requirements for plastic products are also very different, and various performance requirements are also put forward for the materials used to make plastic molds. Therefore, many industrially developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic mold steel series. Including carbon structural steel, carburized plastic mold steel, pre-hardened plastic mold steel, age hardening plastic mold steel, corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel, easy-cutting plastic mold steel, integral hardened plastic mold steel, martensite Aging steel and plastic mold steel for mirror polishing, etc.

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