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Application of precision parts processing

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Precision Parts Processing At present, the application of precision and ultra-precision technology in China is no longer limited to a few sectors such as defense defense and aerospace. It has expanded to many areas of the national economy, and its application scale has also increased significantly. Computers, modern communications, film and television communications and other industries now require sophisticated, ultra-precision processing equipment as a supporting condition for their rapid development. Precision and ultra-precision machining of computer disks, video recorder heads, multi-face prisms for laser printers, photoconductors for copiers, etc., are all efficient and high-volume automated production methods.   China will develop ultra-precision machining technology and application engineering with the focus on ultra-precision machining lathes, CNC ultra-precision machining machines, ultra-precision plane and cylindrical grinding machines for high-efficiency and precision parts processing in Lemo , and drive a group of precision and ultra-precision The development of basic functional components such as ultra-precision spindle shafting, ultra-precision servo feed systems, ultra-precision measuring systems and error automatic compensation systems to meet the development needs of high-tech industries such as aerospace, aviation and computers.  Lemo  precision parts processing, ultra-precision machining, can use secondary processing machine tools; milling machine tools; slot machine tools; drilling machine tools; milling machine tools; milling cross slot machine; milling machine tools; chamfering machine Machine tool; shrinking machine; tapping machine; cutting machine; milling machine; milling machine; milling machine; milling machine; milling step machine; multi-function machining machine; Slot machine; shaft machining machine; The flat position is parallel to the slot position, and the hole position can be processed perpendicular to the flat position. The different products can be designed according to the needs, and some machines can process more. Kind of product. High efficiency with an accuracy of +/-0.015MM. Mainly applicable to the shaft of various kinds of items (diameter 2-25MM), potentiometer, radiator, plug, lighting accessories, etc., copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, non-metal materials can be round and square , tailored to the requirements.
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