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3D Print Casting

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Now casting process, casting the main die casting, mold casting, investment casting and other methods. Basic roles in the foundry industry as the manufacturing industry, and plays for the automotive manufacturing, mechanical equipment, aerospace and other fields to provide basic cast of the ship.
Casting some simple structure, small technological difficulty, can be completed directly using traditional methods. But for areas such as aerospace, for precision castings demanding, complex, and if you still take the traditional way, relying on human experience to do it, likely to cause casting defects, lower yield and finally brought about losses on the economy and security.
But 3-d printing technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and widely disseminate, in many areas began to introduce the new technology. For the foundry industry, combined with powder of laser rapid prototyping casting simulation software and technology can achieve precise manufacture of precision castings, enhance the efficiency of production.Previous: 3D Printing Technology And Simulation Technology The Basic Idea IsNext: No Information

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